Skate it up Oct 4, 2014

Skate it up 2014 is almost here and we are working hard pulling all it together. It seems like it was just yesterday when out of 100 skaters Hayden, Santino, & Brandon Ly took first place trophies and trips to Camp Woodward home. We hold this annual contest to reach out to the Skate community to profess the love of our savior and Lord Jesus Christ. Our goal is not to sell any products or get any publicity but it is to build relationships so that everyone can know the grace and mercy that God has freely give each of us.

The skate community was something foreign to me (John Hocutt) about 8 years ago when our Church The Met drop some metal ramps down on the students parking lot. I went to a Wednesday night service was drawn to the park and all the kids skating. Well I learned I was not ready to skate but after a couple of years I finally got my feet under me and today I can at least say I’m a skater. Well you say what’s that got to do with Skate it up? Glad you asked….all the skaters that had never really had anybody that seemed to even care about them much less watched their tricks or listen to what they had to say finally found someone that would. I watched hundreds if not thousands of tricks, listen to them all the best I could, cooked hotdogs, kept cold water handy and drove a many miles picking up and dropping off skaters.

One of the most consistent questions we got early on was “can we have a contest.” Well we found out it was easy to have a contest but not that easy to have it done right! So over the past 7 years or so we have tried different types of contest like series with points, qualifiers with a grand finally, street, bowl, and even a snake run contest. We have strived to have unbiased professional judges and give away great prizes. It’s been a challenge that I have enjoyed and learned much from. But we only try our best because that is what God wants us to do, our best.

This year is turning out to be a year that has come together rather slowly but that’s ok. We’re going to have fun, skate, pass a good time and praise the Lord . Here’s our flyer and I hope you can come out and join us. Sign ups start at 11:00 and there’s free Catfish and fries.  I’ve been told they have never run out of food so lets see if we can eat them out of house and home.  

Skate it up 2015 poster REV 5

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