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 Skate every blessed day you can! #truthriders
John 8:31 Jesus said to the people who believed in him, “You are truly my disciples if you remain faithful to my teachings. 32 And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Article from the Houston Chronicle on the Truthriders. http://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/On-a-roll-for-Jesus-Truth-Riders-take-their-6663871.php?t=917326f23d&cmpid=email-premium

The TruthRiders are a team of skaters that strive to be a light and example to others.  To show the grace, love, and kindness that our Savior Jesus Christ has shown to us to others, skater and non-skater alike.  We love to skate and thank God for the abilities that He has given to us.  We will do skate lessons, demos (yes we have portable ramps), contest, & help out the skate community by supporting fund raising events for the right causes.  We are thankful for our church The Met, the Student ministry and the skate park the church has provided us.  We hope to expand the park one day soon if it is the Lords will. If you would like us to pray for you if you have questions about the TruthRiders or you would like to discuss the saving grace of our Lord/Savior Jesus we’d love to tell you about all He has done for us and YOU.  Come see us or call John 832-630-2194 his phone works 24 hrs a day 7 days a week 365 days a year!  

 If you would like to meet the TruthRiders we are located at 13000 Jones rd, Houston, TX.  We meet every Wednesday night from 4:30-8:30 at the Truth Student ministry building.  Again if you have any questions, would like for us to pray for you or would like to contact us you can call or email or team manager John Hocutt 832-630-2194 jchocutt@gmail.com 

 May the Lord bless you 

The TruthRiders Team & Manager John Hocutt

John Hocutt

John Hocutt Team Manager

Click this link to Checkout the TruthRiders YouTube videos. 


68 thoughts on “About TruthRiders

  1. Do you guys have a team that does events our demos? There is a trade show in Humble at the Civic center called Lake houston trade days. They are looking for people too do demos. The date is April13. hope to see you there


      • Harrison
        I glad to hear you love The Lord. As for being a grom if you can come visit us at the truth park on Wednesday nights I can discuss it with you and your parents. We only allow groms that love The Lord but I have to meet them with their parents.

    • Harrison
      I’m glad to hear you go to Church on Wednesday nights. Maybe we could meet another time and place with your parents of course. The best way to contact me is on my cell 832-630-2194.

  2. Hey I was just wondering what time does church start on Wednesdays and will you be there?

  3. Hey this is probably a stupid question but do I have to become a truth rider to be able to skate at truth?


  5. @jchocutt Do you guys ever come to events around the Houston area to minister? We are a new church just building and have decided to go ahead and launch our youth ministry because we see such a high demand in our small town for a move of Jesus on the teens. We are wanting to host a launching party sometime at the end of Sept. and would really like to make it big to help draw the teens to it. Honestly our budget is slim to nothing (we are building the church as funds are provided) so Im trying to see what it would cost to have you guys come out and minister. Thanks

  6. hey john on march16th u said to someone that u dont sell ur decks but u can get them one really great one at reliance can u get me one and tell me the price before u get it

  7. i love everything you guys are doing for texas skateboarding and i didn’t really know about you guys till today at that contest at alvin. could ya upload some pictures?

  8. I live far away and wanted to skate with TR during Christmas break, but both Christmas and New Years are on a Wednesday. Will you have different days for the vacation break?

  9. Hey I’m from Cali and I’m visiting my pops in Houston for the summer do you guys charge to skate your park? If so how much and what’s your hours of operation? Kind of hard to find places to skate around my area.

    • Our park is free to skate at your own risk. We are open daylight hours. If you need help finding parks you can call we’ll let you know where they are.

    • 7am to 9pm M,T,Thur,F,Sat
      12-9pm Sunday
      7-5pm Wednesday
      5-7pm Wednesday the park is open only to 6-12th graders that have signed in and go to church.

  10. Can you ride scooters here? Trying to find a good spot to take my son and his friend and maybe get them to join a youth group.

  11. I want to join Truth riders. How can I do this. Do I need to sign up or something or can I just show up? I love the Lord and skating. Im fairly new to skating but still would like to join. Im 13 and passed into the 9th grade this year. Thanks!

  12. I’m getting back into bmx since like 4-5 years and idk any skateparks here in Houston as I just moved but I thought you guys if anyone would have resi’s or foampits?? If not do you know of any places?

    • Thanks for you questions. I don’t know of any foam pits of resi’s in Houston. For that matter I don’t know of any in Texas. As for parka that allow bikes. We do allow bikes but our park is small and not the best for bikes. Southside does allow bikes on certain dates. Bear Branch skatepark in the woodlands allows bikes also.

  13. Can anyone skate the park and are pads required? Just moved to cypress temporarily and haven’t been able to skate since being here. I searched skateparks and you were the first to pop up. It was awesome to see since I love Jesus with all my heart. Keep up the great work 👍🏻

    • Yes the park is open for anyone to skate at their own risk. We do have services on Wednesday nights. Therefore the park is only open for 6-12th graders and closes at 7pm for the service.

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