Greg Gibson fund raiser, planned parenthood and small acts of kindness

Tonight we attended a fundraiser for Greg Gibson at Southside skate park. This was to help Greg pay his bills for his fight with cancer. Now if you asked me who Greg is I could not tell you one thing other than he’s the brother of Jeff and John Gibson and a friend of Dave Donaldson. I was invited via a Facebook event and decided to help out by attending and donating. It was your typical skate event here in TX. Lots of skating and lots of support for the event. It’s my hope and prayer Greg gets well soon and is able to pay his medical and personal bills. I was glad and honored to be able to show support and donate. If you can help Greg and his family please do. I tried to post a link here but I could not make it work. I’m sure you can search Facebook or the web to find out how to help.

What really struck me tonight was during the drive down to the event at southside I saw a big blue billboard. It was placed on interstate 45 south very near downtown Houston in a very visible location. More about the sign later…..

As I have seen and read in the news this week about the shooting of several kids and staff at the elementary school my heart has been saddened. Not so much about the death of the kids (although it is sad) as I know they are with God. My sadness is for the young man who shot himself and possibly the other adults who died and don’t know Christ, of His loving grace kindness and forgiveness. For the families who morn the loss of their loved ones. The time they will miss here on earth with them and their forgiveness of what happened. I know it must be hard but not impossible to handle, to forgive… with God that is.

Back to the big blue planned parenthood sign. Well as bad as the shooting was this week it pails in comparison to the murder of millions of babies that have been killed by planned parenthood. We don’t see outrage from the media or hours of reporters standing outside the death chambers of planned parenthood or the supreme courthouse, capitol hill or white house reporting on how can we allow the murders of millions of innocent babies. Asking over and over why does this happen! I have a tough time forgetting about what our country is allowing to happen on a daily basis as we remain silent. Yet we cry over a few killed in a school only because they were not killed at one of the abortion centers where it is LEGAL TO MURDER!

Now please understand I/we have to forgive the young man that killed all those people and all the mothers and fathers that decided on and follow through with abortions. But it’s not me who will judge but the Father God. I don’t agree with gunning down kids and teachers. Its not guns and surgery tools that kill people, people do! What happened was wrong and I’m sure it could have been prevented. Someone just needed to intervene or speak up and or act. I’m sure there are people right now thinking if they had done something different those kids would be alive and some of them are probably wrong but some are probably right.

I often think about what I could do to help stop one baby from being murdered at the plan parenthood building here in Houston. I’m sure there are babies/people that I could have saved just like there are people that could have stopped that killer in that small elementary school. Some lives were saved by heroes. Some of those heroes are alive and some are dead.

I pray for the families, school staff, emergency response crews, friends, neighbors, and our country. We are all a part of what happened at that school as we are all a part of what happens at abortion clinics across our country. We have and will continue to pay for the killing of those people at the school and we have and will continue to pay for the killing of innocent babies at places like the planned parenthood’s death chamber here in Houston TX and across our nation. I think that big blue sign should be red with blood!

The question is will we continue to raise our children with out really caring about them. Will we continue to kill babies and forget them. God does not forget one child without a father mother or both, one dead baby, one elementary school kid or teacher.

I beg anyone that has read this far. Do something for a kid, single mom, fatherless boy or girl, unborn baby, lost teen, divorced couple, lost soul, orphan, or a man fighting cancer. Get off the couch out of you chair do something. Ask God to forgive you, me, us for allowing this to happen. I understand we’re not perfect but we can’t sit by idle, doing nothing and expect the government or someone else to take care of our problems when we are the other person, government and the problem.

It happens one small step at a time, so don’t think even the smallest act of kindness doesn’t help ….IT DOES!

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