Groundbreaking for Spring Skate Park and Dylan’s Park

Click 2 Houston’s report on the ground breaking

If you skate and live near Houston Texas you don’t want to miss this. Today January 7th 2013 at 10 am the city will break ground on the 2nd largest skate park in the world. Click the link above for details on where.

Remember God loves you and He is always willing to listen to your prayers. Peace be with you and I hope to see you at the ground breaking.


Greenspoint skate park update

Houston Chronicle article on the Greens point skatepark.

It’s been awhile summer vacation and a summer cold have kept me busy or just out. A couple of months ago a few of us paid a visit to the city council to ask why the greens point skate park and park without limits has not been built. We have heard that things are now moving along and only time will tell. I suggest we all call or write the council and kindly ask for them to push (pun intended) this project forward. The tax money is in the bank and the hold up seems to be the funds to have the park supervised…really! Well I’ll leave it at that and ask everyone to pray for our government to use the funds we have given in a way that will improve the community.

contact the city council

Spring/greenspoint park needs your help

Below is an article on the spring skateboard park that is about to be scratched for a new Greenspoint mall if we don’t act NOW. Do we really need a new mall?
Come to the next City council meeting and speak of how skating has impacted your life. WhenTuesday, june 19, 2 pm. contact city scheduler if you would like to speak , 832-393-1100. If you do plan to speak remember be kind courteous and present facts. Below is an article about the park and some stats about skating written by a local skater and friend. Use this info and your Personel story about skating to help the city council understand why building the skatepark is money better spent than spending money to refurbish the Greenspoint mall…

Learn more about the company that owns Greenspoint Mall… 

Here is a link to the last discussion on this park at city council meeting..