A little help from the Truthriders

This week Josh Borges one of the regular wednesday night skaters at truth park went down to Guadalajara to visit his family for a few weeks. So he asked if he could bring a few TR decks down for some of the kids at the local park. We were glad to help with a few decks. So we will post a some photos of Josh’s trip and pray those decks help. God bless you all and remember the Truth will set you free!



Spring skatepark update

We made a trip out to see the progress on the new skatepark in spring or actually Greenspoint. Things seem to be coming along well. Not too much to see but I thought it would be nice to share a few photos I took. I look forward to riding the concrete waves.




Love Bug Festival

Thanks first to our Father God Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It is through His blood we are saved.  His grace and love are enough for you and me.  Thanks to Shannon’s Street waves for sponsoring the event and the community of Magnolia for organizing the Love bug festival and allowing us to hold the competition. Original work filmed by Michael Beachman and remix edited by TruthRiders.

Love bug Fest skate comp

Well today was a great day! We joined a many Cowboys and Cowgirls at Cowboy Church this morning and afterwards we enjoyed some of the best TX BBQ I’ve had. We set up for the first ever skate comp at Unity skate park and I’d have to say it was one of the funniest contest we have ever sponsored. Lots friends families and skate’n age 6-46. All entry fees went to the Magnolia community foundation. Thanks to Shannon’s Street Waves for their donation so remember support your locally owned/operated skate shop! Enjoy the Raw footage




Another one drops in

Another one bites the dust and learns how to drop in at the truth park. It was a crowded night as pizza was woofed down wheels hit the concrete and steel prayers went up to the Lord and this guy learned how to drop in. Thank you Jesus