6 thoughts on “Riders

  1. Hi, im a 14 year old skateboarder who has been riding for 3 years. Im really close to jesus. I was looking to see if i could ride for yall? what will i have to do to make the team?

    • Preston
      Thanks for your question about riding for us. We do have a team of riders that we sponsor. Most of them are in the housotn area and reguarly attend our Wednesday night services. Currently all the spots on our team are filled but you are welcome to send me a sponsor me video telling me about yourself and some of your best tricks. If you would like to meet me I’m at the Truth Students services almost every Wendsday evening at 13000 Jones Rd Houston Texas. jchocutt@gmail.com

  2. Hi I’m am 11 years old I have been skating for 4 years. I really want to join compotitions and get hookups in boards. It would really be a honor to join the truthriders team.

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