Magnolia skatepark

Well an afternoon trip to magnolia is always relaxing. That Houston traffic dies off and the countryside shows off it beauty. There’s lots of shade here along with a small water park. The reason I’m here today is to scope out the power for our upcoming skateboard contest. I’ve only been here a couple of times before the park was still under construction. Here are a few photos I promised come join us June 10th at 12:30. Bring a few buck to donate to the Magnolia community foundation for entry into the contest. Thanks to Shannon’s street waves for sponsoring the contest along side of the Truthriders.







You Buda believe it…your input matters on the new Buda skatepark design..

Attached is the flyer for the public input meeting tomorrow May 16 at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.  It is a follow up meeting to the initial public input meeting we had on May 2.  We are unveiling design concepts at the meeting and need to get input from the public as to what design is best.  Please help spread the word about the meeting!  If folks cannot make the meeting, there is a website listed on the flyer with a user name and password whereby everyone can make their opinions known regarding the design of the skate park.

Click here to go the the ASD website to log in, view the designs & send your comments